Warren Commission Critic Arrested in Dealey Plaza

by Michael Scott 

At the request of the Sixth Floor 'Museum' at Dealey Plaza, long time critic of the disproved Warren Commission Report, Robert J. Groden, was arrested today by the Dallas police for selling a single magazine on the grassy knoll this afternoon and was held in jail for nearly nine hours. Mr. Groden had been ticketed by the Dallas Police Department 80 times between 1995 and 2006, and arrested on the grassy knoll for the first time in 1998. All 80 tickets (and the arrest) were thrown out of court as being baseless and invalid. A city Judge stated, "I can't believe that the police would arrest anyone for a class 'C' misdemeanor. This is ridiculous."

Seven years ago, Mr. Groden had begun filing a first amendment lawsuit against the city of Dallas and the Dallas police department for violating his first amendment rights of free speech, press and assembly. An agreement was reached between Mr. Groden's attorneys and the Dallas city attorney's office that the city and the police would, "cease harassing Mr. Groden and not interfere with Mr. Groden or his business and would not ticket him in Dealey Plaza or on the grassy knoll." For the past seven years the police and the city had honored the agreement. That is changing now.

The Sixth Floor Museum wants to be the only game in town when the Super Bowl arrives in Dallas in January. They want no mention of the conspiracy to kill the President. The 'Museum' insists on promoting the false conclusion that the assassination was the result of a lone assassin, even though a three year investigation conducted by the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations between 1976 and 1979 proved the conspiracy to nearly a 100% certainty. "The Sixth Floor 'Museum' is aware of this, but for political and financial reasons, they have swept the truth under the carpet and are making millions of dollars every year by lying to about a half million people per year.", stated Mr. Groden.

The complete Dallas news media are falsely reporting the story by stating that all of the "peddlers" in Dealey Plaza are refusing to obtain vender permits from the city. What none of the TV stations or newspapers has yet mentioned is that *there are no vendor permits available from the city* for printed material and that the city ordinance states that none is needed. "I have been trying to get a permit from the city, and/or the parks and recreation department for over fifteen years even as recently as this week and I've always been stonewalled by everyone. The police demand that I get something that does not even exist, and they have ticketed me 81 times for it."

"The Sixth Floor people call themselves a 'museum', but what they really are is a government propaganda machine", stated Mr. Groden. "When they opened, they guaranteed us that they would present all sides of the issue of the conspiracy equally and fairly. They were lying from the beginning". And now the city that allowed both President Kennedy and Lee Oswald to both be assassinated two days apart, are now stepping on the Constitution and assassinating free speech, both personal and commercial.

"Over the past fifteen years, literally thousands of visitors to Dealey Plaza from around the world have thanked me for my 46 years of work on the Kennedy case". It was Mr. Groden whose release of the films of the assassination on national television in 1975 led to the reopening of the investigation by the House of Representatives in the 1970s.

"The city is complaining about three or four homeless transients who show up in Dealey Plaza and get pushy with visitors from time to time. Those few guys have absolutely nothing to do with me." Mr. Groden states. "The 'Museum' and the police are using the transients as an excuse for the unconstitutional moves that they're pulling. This is pure harassment. If it would do any good, I would like to see a complete boycott of the 'Museum'."