The Muzzling of Dealey Plaza

by Marshal Evans 

November of this year will mark 47 years since the horrific assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Actually, that "group" of nefarious acts, together which we refer to as the J.F.K. assassination portended a shift in America, the aftershocks of which extended through the years. The truth of what happened that day and its aftermath are considered a threat to many for multifarious reasons. The suppression of that truth continues to this day for reasons including Dallas city pride, personal profit, national security, and of course, avoidance of prison.

Robert Groden, that sanguine, affable hero of the case that first got the Zapruder film seen on national T.V. in 1975, the event which helped get the Kennedy case reopened by congress, is himself being muzzled in what has been considered at times to be the last vestige of where this particular story can be told: Dealey Plaza, where it all took place. Since late May, there has been an organized, well planned and executed collusion between the city of Dallas, a Deputy Chief of Police, and the Sixth Floor Museum to quash the truth from seeing daylight.

Following the assassination, President Lyndon Johnson's Warren Commission used specious prevarications to vehemently proffer what was a mere theory, that Lee Harvey Oswald, a lone gunman, fired all the shots on that somber day. The report they gave us was diffuse in its argumentation, obfuscatious in its clarity, and was soundly rejected by the American public clear up to 1978 when no less than The House Select Committee on Assassinations itself declared the Warren Commission to be soundly wrong in its base conclusion. The HSCA concluded that the president had died, not by the act of a lone gunman, but rather from a conspiracy of men who could not be identified. Truth finally prevailed.

The purpose of the Sixth Floor Museum has always been in question by the serious researchers in the case because it twists that truth of history so that people will, if they watch the correct film exhibit in their arduous sojourn through the museum, be told the truth — that the U.S. government admitted the conspiracy in 1978 — only to then be fed a specious fallacy implying that the same level of government then repudiated that admission (which never happened), leaving the impression we're back to the "time-honored-truth of the Warren Commission; Oswald, a lone gunman did it. Nothing could be a bigger ball of hogwash (except maybe LBJ's attempt to portray sorrow at JFK's murder).

The man behind the curtain, the resident "expert" at the museum is none other than one of the former most ardent, Warren Commission critics, the ubiquitous Larry Dunkel, or Gary Mack as he likes to be known (harder to get a phone number for prank calls this way). He has become an anathema to all truth-seekers in the J.F.K. case. He regularly appears on T.V with his calm yet duplicitous and disingenuous comments which obfuscate and belie that which he knows to be the truth. Under his guidance, hundreds of thousands of school kids along with adults have received abject, pernicious lies and half-truths for years. He has no shame.

Now, the efforts of Gary Mack and the museum to eradicate Dealey Plaza of any and all conflicting historical voices has been fused with a nefarious, dark, hidden and most powerful element which carry guns and badges, the Dallas police. They have been ticketing and arresting J.F.K. info-vendors for merely appearing in the Plaza. Efforts by all in this collusion, including the careless news media (who for years have performed as useful idiots for the other side every November), have created a political bulldozer determined to rid the Plaza of any competition to the Warren Commission/Museum/Gary Mack lies!

On a quiet Sunday in mid-June, 64 year old Robert Groden was handcuffed, arrested and booked for a charge which he had been previously charged with at least fifty times, "Vending without a permit". All previous tickets were thrown out of court as being baseless and invalid since the city offers no such permits for the Plaza. It has always been and remains a clear case of city and police harassment. JFK erudites from around the world come to see and hear the man and the truth he tells. The city and the museum must not be allowed to silence the truth.

Robert has since filed suit in Federal Court to protect his First Amendment rights and since the museum's own employees have admitted that they were "working with the cops to get rid of everybody", the Sixth Floor has been named in the suit. It sure would be too bad if the museum's "mask" of truth-seeking is sullied by its attempts to muzzle the real history and any conflicting views.

Truth, it appears is, just as it is in war…determined by the victors. This war is not yet over. Truth may be moribund on this subject but they will never muzzle us all. They will never muzzle Robert Groden, and thank God for that. He may, or may not, win in the end, but as Jim Garrison said, "they'll know they've been danced with!"

Marshal Evans